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Hello!My name is Carol Cruz

I'm a Certified Transformation Coach

What would it mean to you to step into your purpose with grace, respect, and courage and remove the barriers of limiting beliefs that could literally transform your life?



What I found most helpful about working with Carol, was her ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me. Carol helped free the potential in me. Every time we'd finish a session it feels like a huge weight had been lifted.


Carol is amazing, insightful and motivating. She helped me move mountains and face some harsh realities and provided encouragement and guidance, to empower me to deal with the imminent challenges.  I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for a highly qualified, motivational, and inspiring transformational coach.



Carol is a passionate and professional Coach. She impressed me with her dedication, positive attitude, and sincerity.  I have never felt more uplifted and clear about my mission and vision for my business and personal life. If you're seeking a highly intuitive, easy to connect with guide or coach, Carol is the person you need to hire.



Whatever your intentions are, I am your transformation coach. I am here to motivate you to create a wellness plan and healing practice to overcome life's challenges that have gotten in the way of you becoming your best self and living a more vibrant life.

Let's Connect!
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