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A little something more about Carol…

Before I became a coach, I lived a very painful and rigorous lifestyle which was a barrier to becoming my true authentic self. My personal story isn't unique but it's my testimony of overcoming life's challenges and discovering a platform of coaching that has provided a greater connection and fulfillment to sustain a healthier successful life. In short, I like to define my transformation as unmerited grit and grace!!


Through the coaching journey, I believe there is a deep commitment to creating new pathways that can be impactful and change the culture to where someone is to where they want to be. Coaching individuals is an ART of discovery and wonder, where unrealized visions and goals reside, both personal and professional.


In my practice, I also work with organizational leadership teams to ensure there is a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion that will support the wellbeing of employees, foster healthy collaborative working relationships, and optimize team performance.

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